Micah Raskin Discusses the Importance of Thinking Creatively

Micah Raskin

November 1, 2019

Micah Raskin

Thinking creatively can take your business and personal life to new levels. Micah Raskin discusses the importance of thinking like an artist. 


As an author, speaker and coach for businesses around the country, Micah Raskin often gets asked about how to stay creative when launching a business or product and he reminds his clients that thinking creatively can help recharge your mind and body and breathe new life into your business. 


Micah Raskin encourages everyone to spend time listening to informative programs that recharge your creative juices, like TED. TED, (Technology, Education and Design) is one of the leading pioneers in creating formats for people to learn, engage, and practice the art of learning together. Learning has been a lost art form, and organizations like TED are revitalizing the way we come together and recharge.


TED is a tool that Micah Raskin utilizes on a daily basis to keep his brain charged and ready to go. 


Another great tip that Micah Raskin offers is to always put into practice what you are learning. Your potential customer is 10 times more likely to buy from your brand if they believe you are half as invested in your product as you want them to be. Getting to this place as a company requires massive dedication not just to your product, but to the art of practicing what you learn.


That’s why Micah Raskin encourages everyone to spend time daily to learn new information and then put it into practice. A lot of the great ideas Micah Raskin has have come from the time he sets aside to learn and be creative. 


“You don’t become an expert and a trusted advisor overnight,” explained Micah Raskin. “It takes days, weeks, months and years of dedicated practice, and it starts with thinking creatively.” 


Thinking like an artist is a great reminder that there is no set schedule for those who are trying to achieve greatness. You are always working, learning and creating. Micah Raskin knows that by practicing these tips you can stay sharp, creative and keep moving forward with your company and your goals. 


Thinking creatively doesn’t have to be a chore, and can truly lead to great things in your business and in your personal life, helping you to realize your dreams and scale your business for real growth. 


Micah Raskin travels the country working with businesses and brands to help them think more creatively and achieve all of their dreams. 


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