About Me

Micah Raskin, born August 8, 1968, is a prominent figure in the poker world. He resides in New York, NY. He embarked on his professional poker journey in 2007 and has since achieved numerous victories in high-stakes professional poker tournaments. These triumphs have amassed him over $2 million in career earnings, with a significant portion—more than 25%—being donated to various charitable causes.

Beyond the poker table, Raskin is an active entrepreneur and philanthropist. He manages several businesses and devotes much of his time to philanthropic efforts. He supports a variety of community institutions, including temples, houses of worship, hospitals, and educational facilities for children. His commitment to bettering his community extends to his work with children with Autism. Additionally, he has played a crucial role in establishing and funding after-school programs that provide children with valuable educational and recreational opportunities. Through his professional and charitable endeavors, he continues to make a significant impact both within and outside the poker community.


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