Micah Raskin Discusses the Importance of Gratitude

Micah Raskin Discusses the Importance of Gratitude


Micah Raskin Discusses the Importance of Gratitude
Micah Raskin Discusses the Importance of Gratitude

Building a great business starts with a great mindset and practicing gratitude. Micah Raskin Discusses the importance of gratitude in business and your personal life.

Before Micah Raskin traveled around the country lecturing on how to grow your brand and lead a more impactful life, he was searching for something more meaningful.


“My journey to where I am now all started with my mindset explained,” Micah Raskin. “Without gratitude, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I’m so thankful I made the leap to having a more positive outlook in business and my personal life.”


Businesses all too quickly want to focus on profits before building a brand that will have a positive impact on the world.


Micah Raskin reminds businesses that gratitude can increase the number of relationships that you have both professionally, and personally. Increased studies have shown that by showing gratitude towards clients, they are more likely to continue doing business with you because they feel a personal connection. This can lead to a healthier business and more sales.


Gratitude can also increase the health of your employees. Being grateful can actually decrease aches and pains as well as fatigue and burnout in the office. Gratitude can also lead to better sleep. Apple thrives on gratitude which is a major reason they have been so successful by encouraging their staff to lead healthy lifestyles both at work and when at home.


Gratitude Will Motivate Your Employees Says Micah Raskin

By practicing gratitude in the workplace, you can encourage your staff to eat better, exercise more, and encourage a positive attitude at the office.


Another added benefit of gratitude is increased empathy for clients and coworkers. This can lead to better client retention, a smaller turnover rate among staff, and more positive feedback on tools within the company and client surveys.


“Another great benefit of gratitude is mental strength,” explained Micah Raskin. “Gratitude not only helps alleviate stress but can be a huge source of strength when overcoming difficult times.”


Studies have been done to show that people that have suffered traumatic experiences and practice gratitude have a higher level of resilience, leading them to overcome challenges both professionals and personally, making for a better environment overall.


Practicing gratitude today can have lasting benefits for your business, your staff, and your personal life. It can always be a challenge to find time to focus on the positive in your life, and Micah Raskin is available to help coach your team anytime.


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Micah Raskin Offers Advice on Becoming Creative

Micah Raskin Offers Advice On Becoming Creative


Micah Raskin - Becoming Creative
Micah Raskin – Becoming Creative

For decades, Micah Raskin has learned how to be creative and pursue his wildest dreams, and he now teaches these tips to people around the country. Finding your dream job often starts with becoming creative, and living a life of constant learning.

The first tip Micah Raskin offers clients is to avoid mental burnout.

“When you get tired, you need rest, but people never seem to treat their brains the same way,” explained Micah Raskin. “If you burn out mentally, you need to refuel. You put out, only what you put in, it’s that simple.”

Micah Raskin recommends finding something like TED to keep your mind stimulated and to avoid burnout.

TED, (Technology, Education and Design) is one of the leading pioneers in creating formats for people to learn, engage, and practice the art of learning together. Learning has been a lost art form, and organizations like TED are revitalizing the way we come together and recharge.

Another tip Micah Raskin offers clients is to put what you learn into practice, as often as you can.

Today, there are hundreds of apps like Evernote, Trello, and Harvest that aid people with time tracking, and productivity. People busier than ever as a culture with organizing data, yet we retain less of it than ever before. We give ourselves little to no time to actually put into practice what we are learning.


Micah Raskin Offers Advice On How to Become More Creative & Start Pursuing Your Dreams Today.


Micah Raskin encourages people to spend time daily taking in new information, and putting it into practice. Most great ideas start to form when you are practicing and memorizing new information you are learning.


“I try and remind all of my clients that you need to learn to be a creative 24 hours a day, instead of when it’s convenient or when you find success,” explained Micah Raskin. “Living a life where you are constantly learning and practicing will ensure that you are meeting the goals you are setting for yourself.”


Although it’s hard work to focus on becoming more creative, it’s worth the time you put into it now so that you can ultimately find success in the future.


Micah Raskin encourages everyone to start practicing becoming more creative on a daily basis because putting in the work now will yield great results in the future.


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