Micah Raskin Discusses the Benefits of Playing Tennis

Micah Raskin

August 26, 2020

Tennis is a popular game in many countries and can be played by people of all ages. It can be played as a sport or recreationally with friends. Tennis is a game of fast movements and strategy that can be played by two (singles) or four (doubles) people.

No matter how you play it, tennis is a game that can improve your physical and mental health and increase your overall happiness. Micah Raskin, a professional poker player and champion ping-pong player, has been touting the benefits of tennis for years.

Tennis Is Great Cardio Says Micah Raskin

“Staying in shape has always been an important part of my mental well-being,” says Micah Raskin. “And cardio is a huge part of that. That’s how you get your endorphins pumping!” And, especially when you’re playing singles, tennis is a fantastic form of cardio.
“You’re constantly running back and forth, diving and reaching, pivoting…You’re really working every part of your body out there,” enthuses Micah Raskin.

Recreational players burn between 600 and 1,320 calories per two-hour (singles) game of tennis according to the American Dietetic Association. Competitive players like Serena Williams can burn up to 1,728 calories per game.

Tennis Offers Stress Relief Says Micah Raskin

“Stress is a byproduct of living,” says Micah Raskin. “But tennis is a perfect way to combat that stress! When I’m on the court, I’m so focused on the game and what my body and my opponent are doing that I can’t think of anything else.”

Tennis is a great form of cardio, which releases endorphins and burns calories. But it’s also a game of concentration and strategy. “You have to always be thinking about where the ball is going, how you can get in front of it, and how you can return it in a way that stays in the lines – and hopefully trips up your opponent!” laughs Micah Raskin.

Unlike jumping on the elliptical or going on a run, tennis is a strategic game that short-circuits your mind’s ability to race. Instead, it is forced to the task at hand and this can be a huge source of stress relief. “People think of mindfulness as meditation,” says Micah Raskin. “But mindfulness is just existing fully in the moment. Tennis is my mindfulness. It lets me escape my stress by capturing my attention and focusing it fully on one thing – the ball and where it will be next.”

Micah Raskin is a professional poker player who has dedicated his life to the service of others. From building hospitals and temples to hosting backyard swim parties for the autistic children he mentors, Micah Raskin has committed his adult life to the revival and support of the Queens community.