Community Activist Micah Raskin Helps Create Swimming Program for Handicapped Children in Queens and Nassau County NY.

Micah Raskin

January 22, 2020

Micah Raskin

Over the years, Micah Raskin has been an instrumental component of many outreach programs and volunteer efforts to improve his local community in Queens and Nassau County New York. To help handicapped children learn to swim, he was one of the founders of a local swimming program catering to children from inner city neighborhoods. 


Besides being one of the nation’s leading poker players, Micah Raskin has developed a reputation for his volunteer work and the various programs he’s created to serve the people in his community. The outreaches he supports have made a tremendous difference in the lives of homeless individuals, families in need, children and others by building community and offering support where needed. 


He works in various soup kitchens in his spare time, which help to feed hundreds of people in Nassau and Queens County NY and gives guests a warm place to eat and socialize. He’s encouraged and implemented after-school programs for kids to spend free time in a safe and conducive environment. Recently, he helped build a program that assists handicapped children from inner-city neighborhoods learn how to swim. 


“Swimming programs are invaluable to handicapped children and their families as it teaches the

kids basic survival techniques as well as acclimates them to recreational activities in the water,”

says Micah Raskin. “Besides these benefits, our swimming program brings together a

community of families with similar lifestyles and struggles who come together to enjoy their

weekends in a wholesome environment.” 


Swimming, Micah Raskin tells us, has numerous physical benefits on the body including increasing muscle strength and improving coordination. However, he believes the most important aspect of swimming lessons is their ability to save lives in situations that handicapped children may not be prepared for otherwise. Raskin’s weekend program is specially-designed for handicap children and empowers them with critical abilities. 


While enjoying their time in the pool, the children in Raskin’s program participate in one of the most impactful physical activities available. Swimming can be a low-intensity activity or a high-intensity one depending on the level desired. The activity gives the entire body––legs, arms, core, back, and more––a workout that increases strength, balance, and flexibility. In addition, it has a soothing effect on aching joints and muscles and cools the body off during hot days. 


The program that Raskin has helped create in Nassau and Queens County NY teaches children to swim but also provides them and their families with many emotional benefits; it helps them function more efficiently in a group of other special needs children and builds lasting relationships between families. Progress is shared among everyone in attendance, which helps boost morale and provides encouragement to continue improving.


“There aren’t enough programs like this in the world, much less here in the boroughs of

busy New York City,” says Micah Raskin. “They give kids with disabilities the chance to grow,

make new friends, learn crucial skills, and improve their physicality. And it’s all in a safe and

supportive environment of caring, qualified leaders.”