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Micah Raskin

Volunteer and Child Development Enthusiast Micah Raskin Describes How Swimming Can Aid Children With Special Needs

Child development enthusiast and avid volunteer Micah Raskin discusses how swimming can mentally and physically benefit children with special needs. Recent studies show swim programs specifically designed for children with special needs can be particularly beneficial. Volunteer and child development enthusiast Micah Raskin explains how these benefits are physical and mental. Swimming programs designed for special needs […]

Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin Helps Create Afterschool Programs for Grade School Students in Nassau and Queens County NY

Professional poker player Micah Raskin volunteers with many outreach programs and community-building organizations in Nassau and Queens County NY to help improve the lives of people in his neighborhood and beyond. To give grade school children a safe and conducive environment to be in after hours. Micah has helped establish an afterschool program that offers […]

Micah Raskin

Community Activist Micah Raskin Helps Create Swimming Program for Handicapped Children in Queens and Nassau County NY.

Over the years, Micah Raskin has been an instrumental component of many outreach programs and volunteer efforts to improve his local community in Queens and Nassau County New York. To help handicapped children learn to swim, he was one of the founders of a local swimming program catering to children from inner city neighborhoods.    […]